Lady Lomin is a women’s project in Southern Sudan, which exists since October 2008.

We are very sory that we had to close the workshop end of January 2017 because of civil war in this region. Therefor also the showroom in Juba is closed as there were no new products coming any more from the workshop.

But you are invited to look inside, to let yourself be carried away  by the pictures to Southern Sudan, to learn about the women, the region and many other things.

This short Video will show you life in the workshop how it was.
Have fun and enjoy it!


I was in the workshop in Ocotber and November 2016 – some ladies and their families wern’t any more there as the situation was becoming more and more insecure. End of January 2017 everybody had to run to the camps in Northuganda. All workshops were closed down. The Comboni Missionaries left also. They are now in Moyo/Uganda. Bro. Erich Fischnaller and Bro. Fafa are building a new center whith the weight on farming. People have to get their basic nuritition like mais, beans, sugger and medication every week. Perhaps in future there will be workshops also.

I am well back in Austria since middle of November 2015 – everything went very well!
The 21 ladies from the Women Workshop Lady Lomin are sending a lot of heartfelt greetings!
Many new products and designs came out during this stay.
Our Showroom in Juba, capital city of South Sudan, is developping very well. Many people likes our products and buy them often.
The showroom is located at Comboni House
Hai Amarat, Juba
near Home & Away, opp. of Amarat Classic Hotel

In October 2014 I got for and with the Women workshop Lady Lomin an Award from the Women World Summit Foundation. Each year they choos 8 women (out of ca. 400 applications) who work engaged with women in rural area for this Award. We were and are happy that we were recognized for our work. For more details: www.wwsf.ch (Women‘s Section – Prize for women’s creativity – Laureates 2014)

The new products and many other things can be admired and bought on the following events.

You can find products of the Lady Lomin Workshop:

Chic Ethic – Fairtradeshop, Graz, Tummelplatz

One World Shop in Lienz/Austria

Grabenstraße 39, 8010 Graz/Austria