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Events for 2017

Monday, February 1st, 2016
  • Holz&Webereimarkt Helfenberg/OÖ
    Fri 26. May – Sun 28. May

    old factory at Helfenberg/OÖ
  • Chiala Afrika Festival – Graz/ Stmk
    Fri 16. June – Sun 18. June
    Augartenpark Graz
  • 3. Textil-Art-Market – Kunsthaus Horn/Waldviertel/OÖ
    Sat 24. June – Sun 25. June – 10 am – 6 pm

    Kunsthaus Horn im Waldviertel
    3580 Horn, Wienerstrasse 2
  • Lunzer Weaver’s Market/NÖ

    Fri 4. Aug 2 pm – 6 pm

    Sat 5. August 10 am 6 pm
    Sun 6. August 10 am 5 pm
    Amonhaus – Lunz am See/NÖ/Austria
  • Art-Market – Radstadt/S
    Sat 2. Sep – Sun 3. Sep
    in the old city of Radstadt
  • Christmas Market – Joanneumsviertel/Graz/Stmk
    Fri 24. November – Sat 23. December

    8010 Graz, Lesliehof im Joanneumsviertel, Raubergasse 10                                       

Come yourself – bring some others with you – talk about it – thank you!!!


Next stay of Eva Hönle in South Sudan may be:

September until November 2017


Wishes for 2016

Friday, January 1st, 2016
  1. My biggest wish: PEACE FOR SOUTH SUDAN, to achieve an agreement among the authorities and a stable government – peace and stability are so important for this country and the people.
  2. I wish, the ladies in the workshop develop better their communication among themselves and with Juba, they learn more and more to take over the organisation of the workshop. I wish, they grow and handl their conflicts with a lot of creativity in finding solutions. I wish them power for the daily life at home with the families and in the workshop. I wish for them a good life and not only surviving.
  3. Peace and the showroom in Juba are connected. I wish a lot of customers, many places outside the showroom and workshops and meetings where we can sell our products to reach more people. With stability in the country many people are coming and moving – this is good for everybody.
  4. I would like to have for us more possibilities to sell on international markets. There are some good new beginnings – they should developp and conduce us to a successful cooperation.