About us

  • Eva Hönle from Graz/Austria, a trained teacher and hand weaver, visited 2007 the 1st time South Sudan, after she had heard of the women in Lomin.
  • Together with her husband, Dr. Rudolf Hönle, they should have run in 1993, a project in Chad. There should be an agricultural school and a hand-weaving center be built. The project failed because of financing – both retained but wanted to go to Africa in their hearts.
  • 1995 and 1998, the two sons Samuel and Elias were born.
  • Eva Hönle worked as a freelance textile artist in Germany and Austria.
  • When she heard in 2007 of the need for an income for women in South Sudan, and even spot a picture of the situation, she was planning with her family and the working group for the One World and  Global Church of the parish of Graz-Süd/Austria, how it might be compatible to set up a women workshop in South Sudan and have a family in Austria.
  • Thanks to her family and the help of so many individuals, it is possible that she can work 2x/year 2,5 months with the local women. In the meantime, the women lead the workshop alone, but are integrated into the overall workshop complex, and never alone. In this way the women were forced from the beginning to work on their own.
  • There are many who support and enrich the women’s project. On the one hand by being there active in Lomin, (people always accompany Eva Hönle to South Sudan)
  • on the other hand, by donations or help in various ways in Graz/Austria and in many other places.
  • On 15. October 2014 (International Day of Rural Women) Eva Hönle got an International Award for this workshop from the World Women Summit Foundation (www.woman.ch) for special engagement for women in rural life:
    WWSF Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life 2014